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Feilluns (formerly known as Felluns) is a picturesque village beautifully located at the bottom
of Pyrenees mountain range, among lavish natural landscape. The surroundings of gîtes are
perfect for hiking, walking or cycling. Local fauna is rich in plants, flowers, herbs. Vastly
grown by the local farmers are also asparagus, berries, truffles and mushrooms. The trees
such as almond, wild cherry mimosa provide the shade when needed. And for the wine
lovers, of course, there are numerous wine farms.
Not too far away from the cottages runs a river with the most beautiful spot around
Gourgoullidou, it is perfect for swimming with crystal clear water, large, polished pebbles and
small waterfall. The bed of the river varies from place to place, but some of the flat spots
make it very easy to spot schools of trout.
History enthusiasts will find in the area various sites worth visiting. There are many dolmens
(megalithic tombs) as well as protected historical aqueducts in nearby Asignan and Pic de
Lazerou. Built by Romans to bring water from outside sources into cities and towns to supply
public baths, latrines, fountains, private households and mining operations, farms, and
gardens. Another attraction is a mountain peak with orientation table.
It is a local tradition that five days a week around the noon the baker drives by the village. It
is a perfect opportunity to purchase directly from the source freshly baked bread and
pastries as well as some cheese. There also is a bakery approximately 12 km away.

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Gorges de Galamus

Adres: Saint-Antoine, 66220 Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet

Telefoon: 04 68 59 07 57

Georges de Galamus is a beautiful gorge carved by Agly River, on the border of Aude and
Pyrénées-Orientales. The road gets very narrow here and there are parts where two cars can hardly pass each other. However, the spectacular slopes and beautiful nature do make
up for a lot.

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Observatory Vautours

Adres: Départementale 14, 11190 Bugarach

Telefoon: +33 4 68 49 12 12

At the foot of Falconnière in Bugarach you will find observatory. It is in Aude department in
the middle of nature reserve. There are panels providing information on raptors and other
animals that are indispensable part of this area. One of them are vultures and their nests can
be spotted on the cliffs. The admission is free all year round. The observatory is in Col du
Rouilhe, at the beginning of path leading to Roman Bridge. If you are lucky enough to visit
when the owner Yves Roullaud is around to deposit the carcasses, you can witness
spectacular display of vultures soaring majestically above.

Eating Out


Le Relais des Corbières

Adres: 10 avenue Jean Moulin,66220 Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet

The chef of this restaurant is passionate about Catalan cuisine.


Relais de Sceaury

Adres: 1 Rue du Ctre, 66720 Rasiguères

Mediterranean dishes served here are inventive and very tasty.


De Auberge de Sournia

Adres: 4, route de Prades, 66730 Sournia

The chef prepares dishes with artisanal products from the region.

Sports / Activities

Uitzicht - Gites & Terroirs en Occitanie

Canyoning Galamus

Canyoning is one of the most notable sport activities in the region, it is travelling through a
river using variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, or


Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata at Saint Paul de Fenouillèdes offers opportunity to climb in a safe way.



Numerous lakes and rivers of Fenouillèdes are a paradise for the fishermen.



Rennes le Château

This small village acquired international fame in the 1960 due to mystery surrounding Father
Beranger Saunière. Visit it to discover the secret behind it.


Museum de Bélesta

The Bélesta Museum has found its home in a beautiful medieval castle overlooking the
charming village of Bélesta, in the heart of Fenouillèdes. The museum houses
archaeological remains from the cave in Bélesta, which includes a fully intact 4500-year-old
collective cemetery.

Uitzicht - Gites & Terroirs en Occitanie

Château de Puilaurens

A gem among the local ruins, located at the top of Mont Ardu at an altitude of 693 m.